Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, one of the world’s largest retailers, owns no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening.

-Tom Goodwin, VP Havas Media

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The world is changing fast, and technology is changing even faster. It’s a vast landscape with players from tiny startups to juggernauts like Google changing the rules online every day. At Bird's Eye Digital Venture Partners, we don't think it should be your job to stay on top of this constantly evolving spectrum. Instead, your job should be running the business you know. Our role as your partner is to improve your bottom line by efficiently and strategically leveraging the best marketing, design, and development solutions out there – or by developing the custom digital solutions you need.

With agency, startup, and consulting backgrounds, we have experience providing services across the digital spectrum to companies across industry verticals. We know what it takes to translate a client’s business goals into a successful digital venture. Think of us as tech geek meets business analyst!

Our Services

Check out some of our digital marketing & development service areas.

eCommerce Focus Areas

From conception through development and promotion, check out what BED can do for your online store:

& Operations

We can work with you to not only cultivate your idea, but also develop a comprehensive strategy around launching an online store or taking your store to the next level. Our experts can help with anything from competitive analysis to solutions for streamlining logistics.

Store Design & Development

Not sure which eCommerce platform to use? Need to migrate platforms? With your business needs in mind, we can handle everything from quickly and efficiently building out your store’s design and product listing options to integrating payment & shipping systems.

Marketing & Lead Generation

A comprehensive marketing strategy is the key to success for any online store. Fortunately our expertise in eComm marketing ranges from optimizing listings for comparison shopping engines like Google Shopping to integrating with 3rd parties like Amazon, eBay, & Facebook.


Check out a few of our recent projects below:

  • Prefab Drywall Shapes

    Search Marketing

    Lead generation for commercial drywall provider via re-vamped SEO Strategy and geo-targeted paid search campaign.

  • Cash 4 Your Junk Car

    Strategy, Site Launch, & Search Marketing

    Designed and executed integrated digital strategy to launch lead gen portal, along with associated SEO, paid search, and analytics

  • Spices For Less

    Development & Marketing

    Sole development & marketing partner from the initial concept stage through store launch and post launch marketing/analytics.

  • Travel Beauty

    Search Engine Optimization

    Overall SEO Program management & strategy consulting services to drive qualified organic site traffic & brand awareness

Company Pursuits

When we come up with ideas or strategies for our clients, one of our first steps is to see what’s out there that we can leverage. Sometimes what we’re looking for doesn’t exist at all. From that idea phase, we take a comprehensive look at potential demand, licensing feasibility, development process, etc. - and consider building it turn-key for the marketplace at large; with our clients of course getting perks like sneak previews and free accounts.

eCommerce apps

Plug-ins for online store owners – particularly those stores powered by popular platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WordPress.

Mobile Apps

Have an app idea? We’d love to help and are always tinkering with ideas for functional apps, games and more for iOS & Android.

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